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08.12.2023, 15:14

AMEL? wins two prizes at the Asti International Film Festival - 2023

We are very proud that "AMEL?" has won two prizes at this year's Asti International Film Festival: Premio Speciale del Pubblico (Audience Award) and Premio Giuria Giovani (Audience Award). Thanks to the...   mehr

21.11.2022, 20:07

AMEL? at the International de Cine Autor Festival in Guadalajara Mexico

Today is the world premiere of "AMEL?" at the International de Cine Autor Festival in Guadalajara Mexico. Many thanks to Cinephiles and the whole team who made this film something very special.   mehr

05.10.2022, 14:25

Somehow at the Calella Film Festival Spain

We are happy to announce that „Somehow“ by Aki T Weisshaus will run in the competition „Low Budget Films“ at this years Calella FILM FESTIVAL on Oktober 8th   mehr

27.09.2022, 14:17

"Somehow" world premiere at the TUC Torino

Somehow directed by Aki T Weisshaus will have its world premiere today at TUC Film Festival Torino. Thanks to the Team!   mehr

13.08.2019, 19:39

"Yalla Baby!" on VOD

"Yalla Baby!"by Victoria Schmidt and Alexander Peiler is finally available on VOD. You can stream it with German or English subtitles on Vimeo on Demand.   mehr

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