Light Bridge Production
- Connecting people through culture

About us:

Light Bridge Production is a company based in Potsdam Babelsberg, which develops, produces and co-produces films and media products for the national and international market

Connecting people through culture

We believe that culture connects. Culture builds bridges between people and brings them closer together. It allows us to communicate with each other regardless of our origin or language, to connect us with specific content and thoughts, and to develop ourselves. Culture can inspire people and give them meaning. That makes the world a better place.


a better place for...

Light Bridge Production - a better place for WORKING:

We know that the people who work with us on our projects and products are instrumental for their success. They are the ones who can make a difference. For this reason, it is our personal concern, for these people, to create the best possible and most attractive work environment. We are constantly working to create and maintain a healthy, creative and collective work environment. This includes respectful interaction with each other, as well as the principle of open communication.

Light Bridge Production - a better place for CREATIVITY:

Our goal is to develop and produce original and innovative products for the market. This requires a high degree of creativity of the acting persons. Creativity can not be forced. Our job as a production company, however, is to set the course for a creative work. This includes the will to go "new ways" and to support "new ideas". It is our job to develop and implement strategies to create space and time for creativity and a constructive, trusting working environment.

Light Bridge Production - a better place for NEW TALENT:

One of the main concerns of Light Bridge Production is to discover and promote new talents. "a better place for new talent" - this is the idea behind the "Creative Vision Nachwuchs-Förderpreis", which has been awarded annually in Berlin since 2015 and whose co-founder and sponsor Light Bridge Production is.

Light Bridge Production - a better place for COLLABORATION:

We are convinced that extraordinary results in projects are always the result of successful teamwork. Light Bridge Production - connecting people through culture. In order to realize this idea with high-quality and financially successful products, we are constantly looking for reliable cooperation partners who are interested in developing and offering products for the market together with us. Cooperation in the media industry is an important factor for mutual success. Loyalty, trust and fairness in dealing with each other is the precondition for successful cooperation. If you are interested in a cooperation, please contact us.

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