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A Film by Josua Zehner and Jonas Bomba

Production Company: Cinephiles in Coproduction with Light Bridge Production

Start: 2022

Director: Josua Zehner und Jonas Bomba

Screenplay: Josua Zehner

Runtime: 90 Min.

Language: German/French

Summery: Where is Amel? Where did she go? When did she leave and why? Coming back from a long journey, Thomas realizes that his girlfriend disappeared without any trace. No message was left and also her friends are clueless. On his search for answers, he meets a strange detective that points him in the right direction. Thomas has to complete a crazy run from Germany to Paris. A wild journey through his own emotions starts. Will he find Amel?

Cast: Thomas Ulrich, Noémie Kocher, Milena Straube, Sebastian Schlemmer, Maëlle Giovanetti, Alexander Peiler, Charles Clément, Hendrik Vogt, Piet Fuchs, Martin Bross, Marco Wohlwend, Erika Spalke, Alicia Saleh and Eva Wiedemann.



Festival Internacional De Cine De Autor Guadalajara - 2022
Asti International Film Festival - 2023


Best Low Budget Feature - Festival Internacional De Cine De Autor
Best Screenplay - Creative Vision Award
Premio Speciale del Pubblico (Audience Award) - Asti Internation Film Festival
Premio Giuria Giovani (Audience Award) - Asti Internation Film Festival

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