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a Film by René Jeuckens, Peter Wallgram und Grischa Windus

Production Company: Filmproduktion Siegersbusch / Light Bridge Production

Start: Winter 2017

Director: Peter Wallgram

Runtime: 65 minutes

Language: German/ German with English Subtitles

Summary: This unique project focuses on the work and exchange with people who are physically/mentally challenged. In individual and group discussions, the ensemble members shared their dreams with the filmmakers. Based on their exchange, the filmmakers developed the plot for the feature film "LIFE IS A DREAM". The film deals with the limits of perception and the question what form an inclusive movie might have. The result is a poetic story with surreal, aesthetic images that appeals to people with disabilities as well as those who want to deal with topic of inclusion.

"A film made of dreams ... a very poetic movie about inclusion" (WZ)

Cast: Aline Blum, Wolf Dietrich, Dirk Mertinat, Anette Nadas, Christian Paul, Merlin Roemer, Roxana Schreiber, Jason de Schrevel, Wiebke Schulz, Gudrun Winkler, Silvia Muzon Lopez und Hans Richter


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